Secretly almost everyone loves to sing and make music.
Some people just don’t want to perform for an audience.
You don’t have to!

From the comfort of your own home utilizing Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and other online technologies one-on-one with George learn these valuable skills that aid in stress reduction, wellness, self-healing, team building, and positive outlook.


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Secretly, almost everyone loves to sing and make music.

Some may not want to perform for an audience.

You do not have to!

Without needing to sing yourself — sit in a chair or lay on your back in street clothes and learn to feel intuitive vocal toning and harmonic overtones, made specifically for you, to resonate, and integrate your body-mind-heart-soul.

The voice and the drum are like a hand and a glove. Light intuitive drumming naturally supports vocal toning, without the need to learn complex traditional rhythms or meters. For those who want more, deeper rhythm training is fun with Play Along recordings.

To empower both the client and the practitioner, intuitive singing has been part of hands-on healing traditions for thousands of years.

Vocal Toning is extremely beneficial and supportive for many light-touch non-agenda therapies, including: Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, and Reiki.

If you can stand and walk, you can do Music Meditation In Motion.

Anybody, at any skill level, can gently explore their own ways to move slowly, find balance, hold still, and respond to shapes of other people.

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Vocal Toning and Drum Talk Courses for Music Therapy CBMT Continuing Education Credits

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